hannah ☀ usa
hannah ☀ usa
positive vibes and California make me a very happy peach

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Anonymous asked:  hi is 5'7 tall for a 13yr old????

idk I think so 😛

orphanstear asked:  I'm 5'10 but I wish I was 5'9. There's not much I can do about it though. You might grow taller, but please try to be happy with your height, I'm trying hard and I feel better everyday :) (there's also lots of models your height, you'll make it I promise) xx

aw thank you! I’m very happy with my height but I would love to be taller.. I love being tall and I feel like I would have a bit more of a chance for being successful with modeling 😁

hakunaleviosa asked:  Just so you know, at 16 I was 5'2.5" at 22 I'm 5'3.75" and yes the .5 and .75 inches count! Forever wishing I was smaller though. I hate seeing people smaller than me. Embrace being a shorty! Get out those step ladders and stools for when you're cooking!

I’m not short, I’m 5’9 but I want to be 5’11 :((

Anonymous asked:  Noooo why are so many people complaining about being short? Short people are adorable. I'm short and I love it :)

short people are gr8 ☺️☺️☺️

Anonymous asked:  thank you so much!! so there's this guy who wrote a song for/about me a long while ago (adorable i know), but i never heard it because feelings changed and we grew apart. now that we're closer again and he's moving countries for advanced studies in a weeks time, he wants to play the song for me, but i don't know how to re-act to it as naturally i'm not a very expressive person and can be quite awkward at times

just smile and then hug him afterwards :)

Anonymous asked:  hey hannah, i have an advice question of sorts that i'd love to get your opinion on if you don't mind????

of course :)

Anonymous asked:  I wish i were your height im only 5'0 ://


Anonymous asked:  If you've been the same height for about a year now you probably won't grow. Maybe another half an inch to an inch max MAYBE. Just btw I'm studying this kind of stuff right now. By the time you are 15-16 you stop growing. Only some girls stop later.

aw aw this makes me sad :(


w-ildkisses asked:  Im 14 and 5'3 yet my 11 year old brother is almost taller then me wHY

my little brother is taller than me now I feel ur pain

Anonymous asked:  I'm 5'1 and I barely grew and inch since fifth grade and I'm 16

all you short people need to embrace how cute you are

boniifate asked:  All I meant was that's why I dislike being tall.

just embrace it! it’s so great if you think of it in a positive way :)

Anonymous asked:  Dude I'm 15 and only 5'2. I'm so short it's not even funny. i literally just make it to 5'2, it's terrible. I would love to be 5'6 but there's no possible way for me to grow anymore. :c

short people are the CUTEST. embrace your CUTENESS